Cell by Stephen King

This week for the Fiction Friday feature, I am reviewing the horror novel, Cell by Stephen King. This book was published in January 2006 by Scribner and has a page count of 350 pages. The audiobook is read by Campbell Scott and is 12 hours & 36 minutes in length. The following overview is provided from the B&N page: On October 1, God is His heaven, the stock market stands at 10,140, most of the planes are on time, and graphic artist Clayton Riddell is visiting Boston, having just landed a deal that might finally enable him to make art instead of teaching it. But all those good feelings about the future change in a hurry thanks to a devasting phenomenon that will come to be known as The Pulse. The delivery method is a cell phone—everyone’s cell phone. Now Clay and the few desperate survivors who join him suddenly find themselves in the pitch-black night of civilization’s darkest age, surrounded by chaos, carnage, and a relentless human horde that has been reduced to its basest nature…and then begins to evolve. There’s really no escaping this nightmare. But for Clay, an arrow points the way home to his family in Maine, and as he and his fellow refugees make their harrowing journey north, they begin to see the crude signs confirming their direction. A promise of a safe haven, perhaps, or quite possibly the deadliest trap of all…

This novel was okay. It didn’t hold my attention the way other works have. It’s an interesting premise that I enjoyed. It’s worth checking out if you like thrillers and not so much of gore horror. I will say that I think Campbell Scott is the perfect narrator for the audiobook.

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.

Tomorrow for the Missing Person Saturday feature, I am highlighting the missing person’s case of Tyarra Cacique Williams. Next week for the Fiction Friday feature, I am reviewing the celebrity memoir, Spare by Prince Harry. Until then keep reading on; Nerd out!

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