Another Shade of Crime

This week for the Spotcast Sunday feature, I am reviewing the true crime podcast, Another Shade of Crime. This show debuted in June 2019. This podcast has an explicit language warning. There are 12 episodes to listen to at the time of writing. The following overview is provided from the Apple Podcast page: How does a man survive 80 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit? What’s the true story about Hurricane Katrina? Why did 9-year-old Asha Degree pack a bag in the middle of a stormy night and disappear? And how did serial killer Samuel Little kill 80 people without the police finding out? These are the stories you won’t find on other podcasts. The stories that often go unnoticed. The victims that are lost to time.

Some of the early episode audio is rough at times. However, this is a fantastic podcast that highlights cases that are overlooked. Highly recommend this podcast to true crime consumers.

I give this podcast 4 out of 5 stars.

Tomorrow for the Movie Monday feature, I am reviewing the holiday film, Single All the Way. Next week for the Spotcast Sunday feature, I am reviewing the history podcast, Love Letters to… Until then keep listening on; Nerd Out.

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