News In Slow Spanish Beginner (Latino)

This week for the Spotcast Sunday feature, I am reviewing the language education podcast, News in Slow Spanish Beginners (Latino). This show was last updated in April 2018. There are 25 episodes to listen to at the time of writing. The following overview is provided from the Apple Podcast page: We proudly present a one-of-a kind educational program – G.U.T.S. (Get Up To Speed) a course designed for those who already have some knowledge of Spanish but, for whatever reason, feel stuck. Not quite a beginner but not quite ready for the next level either. From the creators of News in Slow Spanish.

I found the structure of this podcast helpful in retaining the information learned in each episode. Each of the lessons is easy to follow. I highly recommend using this as a resource when learning Spanish.

I give this podcast 4 out of 5 stars.

Tomorrow for the Movie Monday feature, I am reviewing the horror film, Fear Street: 1978. Next week for the Spotcast Sunday feature, I am reviewing the society & culture podcast, The Dream. Until then keep listening on; Nerd Out.

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