Missing: Kaidena Lozelle Wood

Photo Credit: Doe Network

This week for the Missing Person Wednesday feature, I am highlighting the missing person’s case of Kaidena Lozelle Wood. Kaidena is classified as an involuntary missing person. She was last seen on July 30th, 2011, in Norwalk, Iowa.

Kaidena was born on January 16th, 1939, and was 72 years old when she went missing. She is described as a white female, 5’2”, 128 lbs, with gray hair, and blue eyes. Kaidena may be using any of the following names: Kay; Kaidena Hunter; Kaidena Blackford; and Kaidena Klein. Kaiden has hearing aids in both ears, pierced ears, and a vertical scar on her abdomen. The only item that is known for Kaidena to be wearing at the time of her disappearance is a simple braided wedding band with a small diamond.

Kaidena and her husband, Bill, were last seen on July 30th, at an auction in Stuart. The auction had occurred in the morning. At 11:30 pm that evening, the fire department was called to their residence on Warren County Road R63. In the ruins of the home, investigators were able to locate a body. Through DNA testing the deceased was determined to be Bill and he had died of multiple gunshot wounds prior to the fire. Kaidena and the couple’s vehicle were missing. The following day their vehicle had been located parked at Cordillera Ranch Apartments on North Donnelly Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri. There is a person of interest that was seen with the truck. That person is described as a white male, taller than 6’, slender build, between 40 and 60, with short gray or white hair.

If you have any information on Kaidena or her disappearance, please contact Det. Sgt. Mike Morrison of the Warren County Sheriff’s Office by phone at (515) 961-1122. Please make sure to reference case number 11M0878. You can also contact Special Agent Mike Rowe of the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation by phone at (641) 342-6263. Please make sure to reference case number 2011-044536.

Tomorrow for the Writing Thursday feature, I am presenting a new original scene. Next week for the Missing Person Wednesday feature, I am highlighting the missing person’s case of Lester W. Hoffman. Until then keep sleuthing the cases; Nerd out!

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