Original Scene 102

This week for the Writing Thursday feature, I am presenting an original scene. I hope you enjoy my latest creative work found below. Tomorrow for the Fiction Friday feature, I am reviewing the romance novel, Her Mother’s Secret by Natasha Lester. Next week for the Writing Thursday feature, I am presenting a new original scene. Until then keep creating; Nerd out!

Premise: grandparents acting like children

Half of my family excused the behavior at my wedding on the solstice and the other half saw it for what it was. I had dreamed of the day my entire life and almost everything was perfect. However, I should have known when my glue stick randomly broke while making the invitations that it foretelling what was to come. My grandmother had been inertia in her wheelchair for the entire ceremony and up until the food was served at the reception. As the composer began the next song, she had begun grabbing ice out of cups and throwing it at my new husband. She was screaming about how he was a cheapskate for not serving sea urchin. This of course upset my husband’s grandparents who started screaming back at her. From my perspective, it looked like three grandparents throwing tantrums like little children over something none of them paid for. Ugh, I just wanted to walk out of my own place.


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