Original Scene 85

This week for the Writing Thursday feature, I am presenting an original scene. I hope you enjoy my latest creative exercise found below. Tomorrow for the Fiction Friday feature, I am reviewing the literature history & criticism novel, Afrofuturism: The World of Black Sci-Fi & Fantasy Culture by Ytasha Womack. Next week for the Writing Thursday feature, I am presenting another original scene. Until then keep creating whatever your passion is; Nerd out!

Premise: something bad is about to happen but nobody believes the main character

Do you believe in signs? Well, I have been getting signs that something bad was going to happen, but no one wanted to believe me. The whole spectacle began when I had been observing the andromeda galaxy. A robotic-sounding voice came across my radio, it spoke of destruction coming. Then I started finding things that lined up with what the robotic voice had said. A medieval poet had written about the devastation caused by an iceberg. When I had stopped at a stop sign, I noticed dandelions that flickered like candlelight. Searching for a myth that fit ended with me fumbling to work my phone keyboard. I had called a local news station to try and warn everyone. They laughed at me. So, I bumbled my way through a self-recorded video that I uploaded to the internet. No one wanted to believe me even as it became too late.


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