Original Scene 84

This week for the Writing Thursday feature, I am presenting an original scene. I hope you enjoy my latest creative exercise found below. Tomorrow for the Fiction Friday feature, I am reviewing the Audible Original, The Mountain & The Sea by Kwames Dawes. Next week for the Writing Thursday feature, I am presenting another original scene. Until then keep creating whatever your passion is; Nerd out!

Premise: the hottest day of the year

It was summertime and it was the most boring day at summer camp. Why boring, you may ask? Because it was the hottest day of the year and the camp didn’t have enough indoor shelter for all the campers. Most of the normal activities were allowed to be done in moderation. However, since the playground was made with metal it was completely off-limits. I heard some campers wondering if they could cook an orange peel on the sidewalk. Other campers ventured down a yummier avenue with their speculations. I could tell a bluster of wind was heading our way because of the dogwoods in the distance. I did my best to stay cool and calm by listening to classical music in the shade. As the day went on so did the suspense of waiting for the heat to break.


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