Trials of Death by Darren Shan

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This week for the Fiction Friday feature, I am reviewing the young adult horror novel, Trials of Death by Darren Shan. This book was published in 2001 by HarperCollins and has a page of 166 pages. This novel is the fifth novel in the Cirque du Freak series. The audiobook is 4 hours & 23 minutes in length. The following overview is provided from the B&N page: The trials: seventeen ways to die unless the luck of the vampire is with you. Darren Shan must pass five fearsome Trials to prove himself to the vampire clan – or face the stakes of the Hall of Death. But Vampire Mountain holds hidden threats. Sinister, potent forces are gathering in the darkness. In this nightmarish world of bloodshed and betrayal, death may be a blessing…

I felt for Darren throughout this entire novel. So many things he was faced with and having to make decisions in a split second that have lasting consequences. It’s the characters’ relationships with each other that makes me enjoy these books. While everyone is trying to survive in a complicated world, there is a sense of companionship and loyalty that feels realistic and genuine. I love these books. While these characters are otherworldly in their existence, they are relatable, lovable, laughable, and sometimes detestable. But that is what it is like to live in the real world. I highly recommend this series.

I give this novel 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Tomorrow for the Missing Person Saturday feature, I am highlighting the missing person’s case of Yuliya Konstantinovna Maryanova. Next week for the Fiction Friday feature, I am reviewing the adult fiction novel, An American Marriage by Tayari Jones. Until then keep reading on; Nerd out!

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