Original Scene 46

This week for the Writing Thursday feature, I am presenting an original scene. I hope you enjoy my latest creative exercise found below. Tomorrow for the Fiction Friday feature, I am reviewing the science fiction novel, The Tommyknockers by Stephen King. Next week for the Writing Thursday feature, I am presenting another original scene. Until then keep creating whatever your passion is; Nerd out!

Premise: An object found in the trash

The opening crew was prepping the store for opening that morning when Pablo brought something in from the trash. It has a strange umber type color to it. Maxine had said it reminded her of something an old-fashioned shoe cobbler would use when working. Billy made a joke about how it must be haunted to be that old in appearance and showing up in the trash. Theresa had grumbled about being the only one working on all the unleavened goods that needed to be made. Theresa was always such a ray of sunshine on days like today. She was doing her best to muster up all the bravery she could. She was doing a vendor event and she always had imaginary situations popping up into her head that stressed her out before she went. We were featuring some baked goods, bread, and toffee this week. I wished her luck after we had finished packing her car full of the goods. I had reminded her to take her raincoat just in case given what happened that last time. Pablo had promised to find out what the found treasure was and report back to us. I was hoping that his find was a good omen for us. We really needed some luck to help us turn around this recent slump the business had been going through.


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