The Murder in My Family

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This week for the Spotcast Sunday feature, I am reviewing the true-crime podcast, The Murder in My Family. This podcast debuted in 2018. This podcast comes with an explicit language warning. There were 83 episodes available on Apple Podcasts at the time of writing. The following description is provided from the Apple Podcast page: Murder is a crime of many victims. It affects not only the murdered, but also those who loved them. The Murder in My Family tells the effects of murder from the perspective of the family members of the victims and shows how they, too, are victims in this terrible crime.

I enjoy this podcast for the platform it gives to victims’ families. It gives them a chance to say what they need to say about the impact their tragedy has had on them. It also allows for those who are still looking for answers to put pressure on those that may know something. I love the way the host conducts the interviews. He gives the family members the ability to talk about their experiences in their own words and has a natural way of handling the interviews. I think it is important to hear from the families themselves, especially if they feel like law enforcement is not listening. These are important stories that everyone should be listening to. I highly recommend that if you are into true crime that you should check this podcast out.

I give this podcast 4 out of 5 stars.

Tomorrow for the Movie Monday feature, I am reviewing the action-adventure film, Shazam. Next week for the Spotcast Sunday feature, I am reviewing the pop culture podcast, Fantastic Geeks & Where to Find Them. Until then keep listening on; Nerd out!

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