Missing: Mackenzie Rae Marken

Photo Credit: Doe Network

This week the Missing Person Wednesday feature, I am highlighting the Doe Network profile of Mackenzie Rae Marken. Mackenzie is classified as an endangered missing person. She was last seen on October 11, 2015, in Weston, Wisconsin. Mackenzie was born on April 18th, 2001, and was 14 years old when she went missing. She is described as a white female, 5’7”, 150lbs, brown hair, and brown eyes. Mackenzie was also known to use the last name Doll. She had freckles on her face, wears eyeglasses, and may have marks on various parts of her body from shallow cutting.

Mackenzie was known to wear black combat-sized boots and purple glasses at the time of her disappearance. She was last seen at her home on the night of October 11th, 2015 in Weston. She has not been seen or heard from since. Prior to her disappearance, she had run away twice and been found safely with friends. Mackenzie had been in communication with others via social media. Police believe she left the house of her own accord but may have been a victim of human trafficking. If you have any information about Mackenzie or her disappearance, please contact Detective Sgt Dan Goff of the Everest Metro Police Department by phone (715) 359-4202 or by email [dan.goff@co.marathon.wi.us]. Please make sure to reference case number 15-3556.

Tomorrow for the Writing Thursday feature, I am presenting an original scene that was part of a one-page challenge. Next week for the Missing Person Wednesday feature, I am highlighting the Doe Network Profile of TBD. Until then keep sleuthing the cases; Nerd out!

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