Female Criminals

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This week for the Spotcast Sunday feature, I am reviewing the true-crime podcast, Female Criminals. This show debuted in August 2019 and is still releasing episodes. There are currently 223 episodes available at the time of writing. The following overview is provided from the Apple Podcast page: The true crime podcast where women aren’t just the victims. Every week, we examine the psychology motivations, and atrocities of female felons. New episodes come out every Wednesday. Female Criminals is a production of Cutler Media and part of the Parcast Network.

I enjoy this podcast. It’s fascinating to compare why women commit crimes compared to men. There’s a complexity to female criminals that I do not feel is the same when it comes to male criminals. I like the structure of the episodes. The stories are well-told and easy to follow. I recommend this podcast to those that would like to hear about female criminals and maybe are a little tired of the same old male criminal-centered stories.

I give this podcast 4 out of 5 stars.

Tomorrow for the Movie Monday feature, I am reviewing the dramatic crime mystery film, Secret In Their Eyes. Next week for the Spotcast Sunday feature, I am reviewing the true-crime podcast, Today in True Crime. Until then keep listening on; Nerd out!

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