The Returned (U.S.)

Photo Credit: IMDB

I recently stumbled on this series on Netflix. It only lasted for 10 episodes and I wish there was more. Of course, where it ends is right where the story really starts to take off. I feel bad recommending 10 episodes of a show that are going to leave you wanting more. The hardest part of watching this show was all the Sky High jokes I couldn’t help but make. In all honesty, never watch anything with me, all I do is crack jokes about things I recognize the actors from. Well, Sky High and Clueless were the ones I couldn’t stay away from with this series.               

I didn’t have enough time to form a serious connection with any of the characters. However, I did feel for the plight of a few. I really wanted to discover more about Victor. He was the great mystery of the series. In the day and age of reboots, I wish someone would bring this back. I would love to see the twists they could do with this show.

I would give this show a 3 out of 5 stars.

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