The Haunting of Hill House

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I am going to start out by saying this is a must-watch if you enjoy the Thriller/Horror/Suspense genre. I was resistant at first to watch the series as I tend to not watch what is being pushed at me until all the frenzy has died down. However, I had seen one of my friends post on Facebook (someone whose opinion on these things I hold in high regard) about the show and that was enough to get me to go down the rabbit hole.           

This was a rabbit hole I was excited to get lost in. This show had me on my seat the entire time, however, I will warn you always have to be paying attention. You will need to watch the show a few times to catch all the subtleties in each episode. I was beyond impressed with the show, I have not read the book to be able to gauge the adaption yet. This was a show that although the familiarity of certain actors picked at me, I wasn’t wrapped up in-jokes (which is rare).           

Since I am the only one that likes movies and TV of this genre, I had to watch it when others weren’t around in my house. It took me nearly a week to finish it because of those circumstances, but this is something you could binge on a weekend. I would recommend if you don’t know anything about the show going into it that way. I had only seen about 15 seconds of a trailer when I started it and I think it was better that way. I have to say that I am starting to agree with others that previews ruin things, so I have been avoiding them since. That is always why I don’t give a ton of details in my review.           

I figure if I rave about how good it is and all the drool that was piled at my feet at the end then you would watch it no matter what. But if you need more, I suggest reading the plot summary on IMDB first, if you need more then watch the trailer. But in all reality, you will not be disappointed with this show.

I give this show a 5 out of 5 stars.

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