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If you were a fan of Lost when it was on this is the show for you. If you didn’t watch Lost when it was on (like me!) and wish you had, watch this show. I have loved this show since the moment I began the first episode. I originally came to this show thanks to Josh Dallas or as I call him Prince Charming. Yes, I am definitely a fan of Once Upon A Time.           

I was a little skeptical at first of this show. I want it to not turn into some X-Files/So Weird mash-up type thing. I am thankful that so far, the cheese has been kept to a minimum. I am anxious to see where the show will go with everything. I feel the most empathy for the passengers because they are trying to adjust to a life that went on without them. I cannot imagine showing up after so many years had passed but only a matter of hours had passed for me. This is definitely a show for people who love mysteries and trying to piece a puzzle together.

I give this show a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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