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Gypsy is a Netflix Original that only lasted one season and in my opinion that is one season too long. I can honestly say that I had to force myself to finish the show, so I could give a proper assessment of it. Very quickly I became bored with the characters and the lack of actual depth to the show. I am a fan of Naomi Watts, which was the reason I watched the show and even she couldn’t save it from itself. I am sure that initially on paper the concept of this show was amazing, a therapist who inserts herself into her patients’ lives without them knowing. But the concept was poorly executed, expected the audience to be too caught up in the sex aspect of the show to really care about the lack of anything else.

I don’t have anything against shows using sex and sex appeal to sell. I mean come on I am a huge Sons of Anarchy and True Blood fan. Both shows were filled with sex and leaned on sex appeal to keep certain audience members entertained. However, all this show was a sprinkle of plot with sex in nearly every scene. By the time I got about four episodes in I was rolling my eyes when the sex would start. If this had less sex in it, I might believe that this story had something to it. You should save yourself from the predictable plot, oversexualized scenes, and lackluster character connections. Don’t bother wasting a minute on this show, there were better ones that got cancelled after one season. This one should never see the light of day again.

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