EMDR Session 1 Outcome

The mental drain from the first session of EMDR was a lot. I honestly feel like you need to give yourself some between sessions. It took me about a week to feel almost like a veil was on me. However, it wasn’t like a veil, it was a clarity that I had never felt before. The clarity came with a weight that took a little adjusting to. I needed to reevaluate a few things in my life.           

I am working on finding balance and introducing certain things back into my life. After I mentally broke in late summer early fall, I cut a lot of things out of my life to quiet the chaos. I had crawled into a hole and disappeared as best I could for my mental well-being. I am slowly trying to bring things back into my life as I feel ready to take those steps. Right now, I am working on reestablishing a few relationships at a time. I have trust issues with myself, so this is going to be a long process. I don’t know if I will be able to have all the friendships I had before. But I look forward to slowly getting back into a social routine.

There is hope for the future that I didn’t have before. However, I know that I will soon need to begin to figure out the next trauma I need to tackle. That is exhausting causing emotional tidal waves. Hopefully, I will be more prepared for the next session and recovery period. Until next time, be kind and nerd out.

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