EMDR Prep Session

After my first session with my therapist, we dived right into EMDR therapy. Basically, the purpose of EMDR therapy is to reprogram your emotional response to triggers by removing the pain from the original trauma. Part of the prep was going over a few coping skills that I may need while in an EMDR session. We discussed the happy place visual and the square breathing technique. I had never heard of the square breathing technique before, however, the visual is helpful for me. The way it works is you picture a square or use a piece of paper to help. As you trace the first side you are breathing in, the second side you are holding your breath, the third side you are exhaling, with the last side being another pause.               

I have used the square breathing since the prep session and it was helpful. We also did a quick EMDR session so I would know what it was like for the next time. It was definitely a strange feeling when doing it. My therapist had instructed me to picture my happy place while following the movement. Everyone’s experiences are different but my experience was an intense feeling. Normally when I picture my happy place it’s like from the waist down I am there, but I can never fully emerge myself in it. During the session, it was like I was completely in my happy place. The few seconds we did made me feel energized but I believe that is because we didn’t visit any of my trauma.

I am going to do one more follow-up post about how I am feeling a few days later. Then we’ll get into my first full session. 

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