A Christmas Prince

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Welcome to Movie Mondays!!!!

I feel like I need to start out by saying that I am someone that enjoys bad movies. I love some of the cheesiest movies you could watch. Have you seen Bless the Child? That movie is so bad that I love it. Then again that’s how I feel about almost every Kim Basinger as the lead, movies are. So, when I say that this movie is a horrible movie that I would never subject my worst enemy to, it’s bad. The actors were not the problem for me, I feel they did the best with what they were given.               

There is next to no plot to this movie at all. I am wondering if they were aiming for a super young audience with it but even at that, there are other ridiculous holiday movies that were better. They give zero depth to the characters. They are flatter than a cartoon. Hell, I find more depth in a comic book issue than this movie. I am sure by now you’re getting tired of my ranting about how bad it is. But in all honesty, I would rather watch a mindless action movie than be subject to the over-the-top ridiculous lackluster plot that this movie barely managed to have.

Please spare yourself the agony of watching this movie. You really won’t be able to get the 1 hour and 32 minutes back. 

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