A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

Photo Credit: IMDB

Now if you read my review last week, you must be asking yourself why I would even bother? I really have no other explanation other than why not? Netflix had been pushing it because of the holiday season. So, it had appeared on one of the lists and I figured it couldn’t be any worse than the first one. To my surprise even though it was still lackluster and not worth it unless there is nothing else, it was better than the first one. There was more depth to the story this time and that was a relief. Trust me I was ready to hate this one as much as the first.

The story was of the same cheesy caliber as the first. However, they managed to peak my attention a few times. I ended up stopping a few times from the project I was working on to watch snippets here and there. I didn’t do that with the first one, I worked completely through it. While this movie could have been better if they cut about 30 minutes out of it. It is not as big of a waste as the first. It was a tolerable 1 hour and 32-minute experience with minimal eye-rolling. I would treat this movie as a coin flip movie. Flip a coin with one side being watch it and the other being find something else. There is worse on Netflix to watch but there is so much better unless of course, you have seen everything else in their collection first.

I give this 1 1/2 stars out of 5.

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