About Time

            The original reason I wanted to see this movie was because Bill Nighy is in it. I loved him as Victor in the Underworld movies and as a washed-up rock n roller in Love Actually. I also couldn’t deny my need to make Harry Potter jokes throughout this movie. I mean I am not the person to watch movies with if you don’t want to hear jokes. This movie felt like a straight Harry Potter reunion for me, with Bill Weasley and Minister Scrimgeour front and center.

            I have to say that the message of the movie hit me in the feels. In many ways, I long to have the same talents as the main character. The sweet relationship between father and son made me wish I had a better relationship with my parents. However, the message of enjoying the moment and living in it, to be present with your family, friends, and coworkers was done in such a great way.

            The actors in the movie really make you feel for the characters. Their performances really drove the message home. I have to say that the most profound moment for me was when Tim realized that one decision, he made had a heartbreaking ripple on the rest of his life. You must accept that sometimes the bad things you experience will bring you to the happiest moments of your life. This movie hit me in the feels in a way that other movies haven’t lately. This definitely helped put some perspective in my life when it comes to my PTSD.

            I give this movie a 4 out of 5 stars.