The Dead Drink First by Dale Mahridge

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            This week for the Fiction Friday feature, I am reviewing the Audible Original, The Dead Drink First by Dale Maharidge. This word was released in June 2019. This audiobook is 3 hours & 31 minutes in length and read by Dale Maharidge. The following overview is provided from Audible: Like many veterans of his era, Sgt. Steve Maharidge never talked about “the good war.” On the surface, the Madaridges were a normal working-class family in the suburbs of Cleveland. But behind closed doors, even the most mundane moments could trigger Steve’s violent, traumatic episodes, which left his son Dale searching for clues to his past. And yet, there was only one: a black and white photograph of Steve with another soldier that hung permanently on the wall in the basement. In The Dead Drink First, Dale Maharidge, now a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and journalist, recounts his 18-year quest to learn everything he could about the man in the photo with the hopes of discovering a side of his late father he never knew. The result was something Dale never expected: Not only would he learn the man’s name—Herman Walter Mulligan—but he would help locate his remains and ultimately bring him home 74 years after he was killed in action. In this deeply personal audio documentary, Dale retraces his journey through never-before-heard conversations with WWII veterans, their children, and the team of strangers that assembled to find lifelong friendships, and uncovers the rich, uniquely American truth about how and why we repatriate our fallen soldiers.

            I implore everyone to listen to this Audible Original. I love spoken history, nothing is better to me than listening to a person share their experience around a historical moment in time. This journey along with the stories captured my attention and made this one to relisten to. I love the bonds of brotherhood found in the military, the stories highlighted that so well. I cannot rave about this audio work enough. It’s a heartwarming stories in an uncertain time.

            I give this Audible Original 5 out of 5 stars.

            Sunday for the Spotcast Sunday feature, I am reviewing the comedy podcast, Wisecracks. Next week for the Fiction Friday feature, I am reviewing the horror novel, Pet Semetary by Stephen King. Until then keep reading on; Nerd out!

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