End of Day 11/29 Edition

So like I said before I wanted to set some goals for myself and see if I could do them all. As I said with my goal post I had pretty much done the first one. I did manage to have a good day with my kids even though right now I am fighting some sort of cold. So I try to keep a little distance when I am having coughing spells. I did not finish writing two chapters in my book. But I am probably going to be working on that after I post this because everyone will be asleep and I will be able to work with piece in quiet while listening to either the tv, music or netflix. I love netflix it has saved my sanity many times when working on different things by being my background noise. My husband and I didn’t have movie night in the way I wanted. But we did end up watching some of our shows on the dvr together. At least we had some one on one time after the kids went to bed. I decided that I would wait to work on the Christmas gifts for the parents/grandparents when my husband can give me some input on it. I need some help picking all the pictures for the project. And I will probably read the chapters I wanted to after I finish working on the book. I really like to read right before I go to sleep because it seems to bring my imagination alive in my dreams. Not to mention I can laugh, cry and have whatever weird reactions I want without strange looks from my husband.

I also promised that I would post a little about what my book was about. I will tell you the following details about the book. Trust me as we go along I will reveal more but right now I just want to keep parts of it under wraps because I am not letting any of my family read it until it is done. And yes that means that my husband has not read any of it and he knows that I don’t want him to read it until I have completed it.

Fact 1:
– It is a true story

Fact 2:
– I reveal some of my most inter demons

Fact 3:
– I struggle a lot in the book

Fact 4:
– I am brutally honest about the reality of situations

Fact 5:
– I hope when the book is complete I can close a chapter of my life and move on and know I did everything I could to be honest, fair, humble, forgiving, and apologetic

Goals for the Day!!! 11/29 Edition

So I figured that I would use this as a way to help keep me on track with some of my goals. I will be able to keep track of them as well as note whether or not I accomplished them.

Goal 1:
– Offer to help someone achieve a goal of their (done)

Goal 2:
– Manage to have good day with my kids (working on this after I finish write this post)

Goal 3:
– Finish writing 2 chapters in my book (I will work on this when everyone goes to bed)

Goal 4:
– Movie night with the Hubby (Really need to find a movie we both want to watch)

Goal 5:
– Finish playing around with the Christmas gifts for the grandparents. (Hopefully the one site doesn’t crash on me again)

Goal 6:
– Read at least a chapter or two of the book I am reading. (I am currently reading The Golden Lily by Richelle Meade. You have to read the Vampire Academy series and then move on to Bloodlines to understand the storyline.)

I will check back in on my goals before I go to bed. Also I tend to have odd hours because my sleep pattern is thrown off. So I might not post until 3am or it could be before that. Plus I will talk a little bit about the book.

A Little Introduction

Okay. I am starting this blog as a way to kind of work on the book I am writing as well as just to put things out in the universe. I don’t want to give away what the book is completely about right now. So let me just start out by putting some labels (although it is horrible to do) on myself, so you know where I am coming from.
I am…
A wife
A mother
A daugther
A friend
An Addict
A student
A writer
A business owner
A feminist
A free thinker
A damaged soul
But most importantly….. I am ME!
Let me stay this before I get any hate mail that says I am self righteous and think I am perfect. I am far from perfect. I have many demons in my past. I have made many many mistakes. However, I am working on changing myself and making myself a better person. While I don’t always handle criticism well. I want to hear from you. I want to know what you think about what you read. I love honesty no matter how hard it is to hear. This is how I grow.
I love quotes. So you may notice that I will post them with what I am talking about. Sometimes it will be from a book, a movie, a song or even just something I have found on the internet. You will find that I am stubborn and will try to defend myself even if I am wrong. However, I will eventually learn and apologize for my mistakes. Just bare with me as we take this journey. Remember, an journey is a process and we must be willing to change our path it get to where we need to be.